Physics/Math Teacher

Title: Teacher
Reports to: Faculty Leader - Science
Hours: Mon-Fri: 7:00am-5:30pm
Saturday: 7:30am-1:00pm

Any other hours related to school events, activities and functions including extra curricular activities which you may be directed to attend
Position Summary:

Kisubi High School is an international boarding school that provides an outstanding education for boys and girls where each child is developed as an individual in a caring and well-resourced environment. The teachers form part of the faculty teams of Kisubi High School and play an important role in the implementation of the faculty action plan. They are expected to plan and teach lessons as allocated in the timetable, arrive on time to all lessons, ensuring they are well planned and take a child centered approach in all aspects of school life. Every teacher is accountable for his/her performance.

Job Purpose

  • Identify clear learning objectives and specify how they will be taught and assessed;
  • Set tasks which challenge students and ensure high levels of interest;
  • Set clear targets for every student, building on prior attainment;
  • Be aware of, and make provision for, students who do not make expected progress, those who are very able and all who have specific learning needs;
  • Maintain good behavior management in accordance with the school’s behavior for learning policy and encourage good practice with regard to punctuality, behavior, standards of work and homework;
  • Use a variety of teaching methods to:
    • Use targeted questioning
    • Involve students in their learning; using group work and discussions to facilitate learning
    • Select appropriate learning resources and develop study skills through library, ict and other resources
  • Provide one on one group support to students outside lessons to further aid their learning;
  • Liase with the teacher in charge and/or faculty leaders as appropriate to ensure the implementation of policy and best practice;
  • Cove classes for absent teachers as and when required.
  • Supervise prep and be the teacher on duty as and when required
Monitoring, assessment, recording, reporting
  • Evaluate how well learning objectives have been achieved and use them to improve specific aspects of teaching and learning;
  • Mark and monitor students’ work and set targets for progress frequently and according the schools ‘expectations;
  • Assess and record students’ progress systematically and keep records to check work is understood and completed. specifically set and mark tests and assessments by deadlines set by the school leadership.
  • Prepare and present informative reports to parents by deadlines set by the school;
  • Undertake formative and summative assessment of students and participate in the school’s system of reporting to parents.
  • Ensure students are fully prepared for all examinations and they know what is required from them in the UNEB examinations.
Pastoral duties
  • Be a form tutor to an assigned group of students;
  • Take attendance registers, accompany students to assemblies, encourage their full attendance at all lessons and their participation in other aspects of school life;
  • Promote academic progress, attainment and well-being of individual students and of the form group as a whole;
  • Support management to monitor and follow up school fees payments;
  • Challenge, support and listen to each child as and individual and provide advice and counselling or refer the students to the relevant member of staff.
  • Deliver the PSHE program (40 mins slots, daily)
  • Alert the appropriate staff to problems experienced by students and persons or bodies outside the school concerned with the welfare of individual students, after consultation with appropriate staff;
  • Be on duty at break, lunch and in the evenings as required
  • Support members of the student council and prefects, supporting the elections, meetings and other activities as and when required
  • Attend weekly form tutor team meetings and meet all deadlines daily and follow-up with concerns

Co-curricular activities
  • Take responsibility for at least two co-curricular activities per week, working with the co-curricular coordinator to support students to run events, academic interventions and activities.

Continued professional development
  • Evaluate own teaching critically to improve effectiveness
  • Take part in regular CPD sessions and apply learning in teaching.
  • Ensure that you are familiar with all UNEB requirements relating to your subjects(s)
  • Use the performance management process to set yourself targets which will enable you to continually improve your practice

Other professional requirements
  • Uphold the vision and values of Kisubi High school at all times;
  • Have a good working knowledge of teachers’ professional duties and legal liabilities;
  • Operate at all times within the stated policies and practices of the school;
  • Know subject(s) or specialism(s) thoroughly to enable effective teaching;
  • Take account of wider curriculum developments;
  • Establish effective working relationships and set a good example through your presentation and personal and professional conduct;
  • Cooperate with other stuff to ensure that sharing and effective usage of resources to the benefit of the school and students;