Learning isn't just about memorising the periodic table or learning your nine times table by rote. At Kisubi, there's a whole lot more to learning than that!

From extra-curricular activities which help our students explore their talents, to rigorous academic standards which give your child the educational foundations and qualifications they'll need to go even further – you'll find out all about our approach and curriculum in this section.

Academic sections

  • Baseline tests
  • Intervention
  • Performance learning
  • Play based learning
  • Child centred learning


“Work without play makes Jack a dull boy”. Pleasure is beyond our descriptive capacity to let you know that at KHS, we have a wide range of vibrant games and sports, clubs, societies and associations.
We offer games and sports like: Football, netball, volley ball and rugby. Other extra co-curricular activities include MDD, Clubs, Debates, Quizzes, Talent shows and spelling bee.

Become the greatest version of you.
Kisubi prepares the entire child.
We prepare the entire child — with rigorous faith-integrated academics. In every program, every step of the way, we train the child's mind and spirit to be ready for a life of impact.
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