South Sudanese Association

Some people think you are the least of Africa,
But you lie at the heart of Africa,
So, you are actually the heart of Africa.
The deepest melanin of Africa.

Message; To the South Sudanese, post-independence times are accompanied by tribulation, confusion, conflicts and disaster, but if a child does not fall down, he does not learn to walk.
Peace is knocking on your doors. The next phase of our country is social, economic, political and religious development. For any tree that was cut down, we ought to plant hundreds. The later phase “struggle for power” has deprived us of a lot, but the day is at hand. Time has come to rebuild. Wise men learn from mistakes and never repeat such. Experience has always been the best teacher.

Young men and women, gender is an expired excuse; we are all youth capable of impossibilities. Focus for tomorrow because it is brighter than expected. Late H.E Patrick Lumumba once said the people with great ideas have no power, but these times must be different.

Strive hard in what you are doing for excellence. If it is education then get so deep in the books. It may be football, then kick the ball as no one else can, music- then sing your soul expression out. Be the best at what you are doing. Grab an opportunity and live for it as though nothing else matters.

For the part of music, not all of the youth should be musicians. There is a rumour that we do not need more musicians in South Sudan. Maybe it is because Hospitals need doctors, Roads and Facilities need engineers, planes are waiting for pilots, churches are waiting for preachers, and the land is waiting for farmers. Where are you? We have enough politicians, and people say politics is just a game played in secret. We need nationalists with the spirit of patriotism; discipline, vision, love and wisdom for this young country.

In the spirit of gratitude, I humble myself and my fellow aristocrats in appreciating the Kisubi High School Administration team for the immeasurable love, patience and correction provided for the South Sudanese students. May the Lord God continue to bless you


Rwandese Association

It was a memorable day, a day where Rwanda commemorated the 1st July Rwandan Independence. Great information about the beautiful culture of Rwanda, the origin and how far the country has come from were shared by Mr Ozee. It was a wonderful evening of with music, and food and drinks that were in plenty . We look forward to more come 2020.

Not only did our students recognize independence, they shared their tradition ‘Usafi’ during the Ok- wibuka period as they cleaned the school, a tradition they practice annually at Kisubi High School