Welcome to our Nursery section where learning is simplified through play. With a team of dedicated staff who care about the learning, safety, and well-being of the young ones both in the Kindergarten and Primary section. We are concerned about meeting the educational needs of the children and ensuring that all children learn and improve regardless of the different needs which are achieved through child-centred methods of teaching such as differentiation, Dr La and so many others.

We improve our reading and spelling skills in every lesson and show the children how to achieve the set target in every lesson, and to keep improving. We now have a virtual school where our children are learning from home or while away on a trip. No reason to miss school. We keep connected to both the children and parents.

The Kindergarten is well catered for even during this period of schools’ closure where they are supported by their teachers. We have hands-on activities for the children such as cookery lessons, art and crafts, Music Dance, and Drama. Parents are involved in the children’s learning; they have scheduled class visits to see their children learn, attend dinners prepared by the children, spelling bee as well as book week activities.

We invite parents both near and far to enrol in our online classes so that learning doesn’t stop.

Child-Centered Learning

At Kisubi, learning is child-led, child-centred and child-oriented. The teaching is about a child. We encourage the child to learn from one another, support and teach each other. The teacher simply supports, guides and corrects the students. In this way, the children understand better.

Children's day out

This activity where we invite all children within our community to come and we share the beautiful facilities we have at Kisubi.We have entertainment, refreshments, face painting, trampoline, bouncing castle to mention but a few. It’s also time to give back to our community as well as opening our gates to all our neighbours to make them feel welcome and let them know that Kisubi belongs to them.


We have swimming lessons once a week for the whole term. Swimming is one sport that exercises the whole body and makes one fit, young or old.Swimming has benefits that one should not miss.Theseare; great well-being,full body workout,relieves stress,burns calories,lowers the risk of diseases,supports the body, increase your energy level and you exercise without sweat.
All children are taught the skills that will enable them become great swimmers, no matter the age, they are trained and they become stars.


We have beautiful and spacious classrooms with a class size of 25 in Kindergarten and 30 in primary. We have a lot of indoor and outdoor games as well as a beautiful field that is shared with the High school. The students get opportunities to play various games as they relax their bodies but engage their mind creatively to develop other skills like eye hand co- ordination, accepting defeat when they lose and the resilience never to give up even when something does not work out at any one time.
Become the greatest version of you.
Kisubi prepares the entire child.
We prepare the entire child — with rigorous faith-integrated academics. In every program, every step of the way, we train the child's mind and spirit to be ready for a life of impact.
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