School life

Come to Kisubi Schools and find school life that celebrates distinctive voices. Build lifelong friendships with fellow students who share your interests, passions, and perspectives.

We offer a wholesome enriched Ugandan curriculum with British methods of teaching. We ensure that all aspects of the child are catered for. We treasure and hold in very high esteem, the academics where we believe every child can make progress.

This is summarised in our promise which states,
amazing academic results + ready to work x confidence = A happy and successful life.



Kisubi has two clubs namely; The interact club and the educate club where student perform various activities in and out of school
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Houses System

We have four houses and they are Malala, Wangari Marthai, Mandela and Martin Luther King
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Pastoral care

Kisubi High school is different from other schools in so many ways and one of them is because we handle the students’ wellbeing in a unique way. We have a pastoral boarding and community engagement (PBC) office that is entirely in charge of students’ welfare/wellbeing.

School Leadership

The prefectorial body is elected by students and teachers through an electric voting system. We have many student leaders and these include prefects, councillors, class monitors, dormitory captains, house presidents and club leaders


To the South Sudanese, post-independence times are accompanied by tribulation, confusion, conflicts and disaster, but if a child does not fall down, he does not learn to walk.
Become the greatest version of you.
Kisubi prepares the entire child.
We prepare the entire child — with rigorous faith-integrated academics. In every program, every step of the way, we train the child's mind and spirit to be ready for a life of impact.
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